What will you learn alongside your dog?

In addition to building a strong foundation of cues alongside your dog, you will also receive access to me via a client only Facebook group where you can post videos as you practice and receive feedback and get answers to course related questions! This course contains all of the information covered in my $800 live private session Foundations course for just $249 by choosing to learn at your own pace! You will have three months from the date of sign up to complete course material. Course includes video instruction for each topic approximately 10 minutes in length and each video is supplemented with a written overview or write up. This course is ideal for humans with puppies and adult dogs who are looking to build and strengthen their bond through relationship based training. I can't wait to be part of your journey with you and your dog! See you in the group!

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    Foundations Online Program

    • Learning Theory Introduction

    • Potty Training

    • Crate Conditioning: Safe Space

    • Proactive not Reactive

    • Mouthing and Nipping

    • Jumping Up on Guests

    • Sit

    • Touch

    • Trade

    • Place Cue

    • Leave It

    • Drop It

    • Sit with Wait, Stay, Impulse Control

    • Down

    • Down (Continued...)

    • Loose Leash Walking

    • Recall or Coming when Called

    • Congratutlations!